A Modern Man release Liberty in the Czech Republic

The vocalist from A Modern Man is more than happy that his London record label BritishPopSongs UK has chosen the Czech Republic for a full total of 5 single releases over the next 12 months.

His label manager relvealed only last week when opening their new office in Berlin, Germany, that so many fans suggested the Czech Republic that eventually he ended up being well excitied about the idea of taking his beloved new act there. As first single LIBERTY will release there the 1st of August, BritishPopSongs PR people has since worked hard on finding the best radios and journalists there.

Initially the Radio.WAVE station was personally chosen as the first radio because of their cool and progresive attitude to music.
The Czech Republic will be among the first European countries to see a release from “A Modern Man”.

A Modern Man is showcasing what you could label the NEW SOUND OF LONDON, a kind of bittersweet soundscape where songs meets lyrics with depth and nerve.

BritishPopSongs UK are planning concerts there later in the year, although still well secret about it, however it is certain that “the Modern Man” will arrive in Prague for interviews in September.

“For more information contact Mark at BritishPopSongs. ”

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