BritishPopSongs is a trendsetting UK/Scandinavian record labelthat releases tracks at a ultra fast pace from some of the most innovative independent yet main stream artists around today.

BritishPopSongs is a pretty innovative UK-style record label. The music is a long way British inspired indie pop with a strong commercial sound. Most releases are singles. Inspirations ranges from Bowie, the Cure, Smiths to Oasis, Blur, Pulp towards all the new exciting bands of today. BritishPopSongs has currently a handful of bands, another 10 on/off artists, controls rights of more than 100 tracks, an online radio, an online magazine, shoop, books and other merchandise such as headphones and t-shirts. BritishPopSongs have a large fanbase around the world all way from South America to Asia. BeatHouse is doing online PR and management for a handful of top professional pop and classical artists, as well as writing an producing singles for established artists.




Waterloo Bridge, London.

Video from Waterloo Bridge making you ready to jump on next flight to London Stian Summer – She Told She Loved Me Not

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How to share with just friends.

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BritishPopSongs Family Member of the week (ex)


Roxy from London is current studying acting in Scandinavia – “I love the whole thing of bringing cool new music out in a world where more and more music simply sounds the same always”

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This Weeks Classic Track

An absolut favorite and a song that was at the very heart of the BritPop era, Boys and Girls from Blur

BritishPopSongs Awards 2017

Soon it’s time for the first ever BritishPopSongs awards, and you are the ones to vote for the winners.

We are giving prices to:

1 – Best New Song by a BritishPopSongs artist

2 – Best BritishPopSongs FAN song, you send you own song in

3 – Best REMIX of a BritishPopSongs song, mixed by you. 

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What we are viewing in the office at the moment.

There are a lot of good new music out there always, however here’s a few of the old classic favorites.


Get Played on Radio is a book for all musicians that wish to learn how to get their songs played on Radio without having a record label yet. How to package your track and how to get in touch with radios. What most people don’t know is that many radios are spending large amounts of time to find new talents and new great songs.

Priced only at 9.99 EUR


BritishPopSongs and Berlin

Berlin is the place to be if you want to get a feeling for how New York was in the 70’s and 80’s. For decades New York has changed dramatically, so luckily we got Berlin, a city like no other.

Indie Scenes from around the globe

Not long ago, there was really only 3 major cities for the music business, London, New York and Los Angeles. Today that has completely changed, mostly to do with the internet, Go explore cool cities with vibrant music scenes.

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Of all the great music coming from all corners of the globe, the British bands has always had something special, Great songs, great vocalists and all that comes with being in a great band. Get closer to new cool bands with new cool music

BritishPopSongs Radio

BritishPopSongs online radio plays all the latest releases, including demoes, interviews and talk about all the latest gossip from the bands. Broadcasting soon 24/7/365


Meet Ian Nilsen

Ian Nilsen is the founder of the BritishPopSongs universe, an artist/writer/producer himself, a man on a mission to get some great new music out in the world. Get to know more about him.

Diary from Rehearsal Space

This is what’s it’s really all about in the end. Make new music, rehearse, play live. Welcome to behind the scenes of this fantastic world of BritishPopSongs.


We love artwork, playing with colours, creating new visuals to represent the music in different ways. Visit the online gallery to view old and new artwork, flyers and much more.

Ian’s Travel Blog

Someone has to do it:-) Go mingle with all the great people in the music business. Follow Ian around on his trips to music fairs, live  shows, release parties and receptions